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How To Download Course Training Guide and Videos

Here are 6 simple steps to download Course Training Guide (PDF) and Course Video Tutorials (MP4) to your desktop or laptop for offline learning without the need for internet access.

Step 1. Login

Open web browser (Safari, Chrome, IE, Firefox) from your laptop, smartphone or tablet to LearnSkills.co then login with your email and password. If you face login problem, click "Forgot Password" to reset your password.

Step 2. Select Dashboard

Once successfully login, click your Username on the upper right corner and click "Dashboard" from dropdown menu

Step 3. Select Course

Click on "My Courses" then click "Enrolled Courses" to view all your courses you enrolled. Click on "Continue Course, Start Course or Completed Course" to access the course content. If you don't see any enrolled courses, click "All Courses" to first select your desired course.

Step 4. Start Course

Once you are at the course page you can click "Start Course" to access course content.

Step 5. Dropbox Download Link

Beside Download Course Training Guide PDF click "Click Here" link to access Dropbox. Some courses may NOT have downloadable Training Guide PDF.

On the top right, click "Download" button, access your laptop "Download Folder" double click to Unzip Folder and click Course Folder to access the Training Guides or Course eBooks (PDF)

Step 6. Vimeo Download Link

Under Download Course Video Tutorials MP4 click "Click Here" link to access Vimeo. In empty box, enter Password then click "Submit" to access private videos. Under each video, click "Download" icon then select your desired resolution and file size by clicking "Download" button, access your laptop "Download Folder" then click Video (MP4) to play using Quicktime Player (Mac OS) or Windows Media Player (Windows OS)

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