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How To Search for Course and Start Course

Here are 6 simple steps to search for your desired course and start course to begin your learning journey. All our courses are made up for bite-size lessons you can easily complete in minutes! 

Step 1. Login

Open web browser (Safari, Chrome, IE, Firefox) from your laptop, smartphone or tablet to LearnSkills.co then login with your email and password. If you face login problem, click "Forgot Password" to reset your password.

Step 2. Select Dashboard

Once successfully login, click your Username on the upper right corner and click "Dashboard" from dropdown menu

Step 3. Select Course

Click "All Courses" then click "Show Filters +" and select "Course Category" checkbox then pick the course that interest you most and click on it.

Step 4. Start Course

Once you are at the course page you can click "Start Course" to access course content.

Step 5. Next Lesson

You can proceed to next lesson by clicking the bottom Orange Lesson Title button or the top right "Next Unit" link or the left navigation next Lesson Title. To view video in Full Screen mode, click top left " Hide Panel"

Step 6. Enrolled Courses

Click on "My Courses" to then click "Enrolled Courses" to view all your courses you enrolled. You have Unlimited Access to retake completed course to reinforce your understanding.

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